LifeReady Pricing

Standard Subscription
$25 / month*
What's Included:
Digitise all your information with an unlimited number of records
Securely store your Contacts and invite others as Trusted Parties
Build your Legacy to ensure your data is treated exactly how you wish
Stay secure with a robust set of tools in the Security Centre
Access to pre-made record templates
20 GB of file storage
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*When paying annually, otherwise, $30/month.
Price in AUD, includes GST.
Want to learn more about our security?
We understand that we'll often be dealing with your sensitive data, so security is always our top priority. We've developed a proprietary encryption structure to ensure that your data is only ever seen by those of your choosing.
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Looking for a solution for your clients?
Offering LifeReady to your clients, or managing their accounts in-house, can be a fantastic way to empower them to take control of their life administration. It also provides you with a unique and attractive offering for new and existing clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure with LifeReady?

Security will always be our top priority. We understand that often times we'll be handling your sensitive information so we take the protection of that data very seriously.

Our encryption is client-side, and we've developed a proprietary encryption structure specifically so that you can have full control over who's able to view your data. In short, this means that you and your chosen trusted parties are the only ones who can ever see your information.

If you'd like to learn more, you can read about our commitment to security or learn about our proprietary encryption; KeyCrypt.

Can I cancel at any time?

You're free to cancel at any time and you will not be charged any further. Cancelling your subscription means that you still have full access to the LifeReady platform and your account until the day before the next payment was due to be billed (the day that your subscription would be renewed).

For example, if you start an annual subscription and cancel your subscription the next month, you will still have full access to LifeReady for another 11 months.

Cancelling your subscription does not entitle you to a refund.

What billing options are there?

We offer monthly or annual billing options. In the case of both options, you will be charged at the beginning of the subscription period.

Are there any limits on my account?

The only limit that applies to accounts is a data storage limit of 20 GB.

Text based records take up very little space, and so it's very unlikely that you will need more than this. However, if you are looking to upload a significant amount of files, or are anticipating that you will exceed the data limit, get in touch with us and we can help you out.

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