Frequently Asked Questions

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About LifeReady
What's the purpose of LifeReady?

LifeReady is built as a secure storage platform for all of your life information, especially your most important and sensitive information. The idea originated from the goal of improving people's experience in planning for their end of life, and to help alleviate the stress placed on Loved Ones who are already grieving when this occurs.

With a continual increase in the amount of information any given person is expected to maintain about themselves, such as digital accounts, legal documents, financial assets, and more, it's becoming harder and harder to manage your affairs, especially in the scenario that an unexpected event occurs. LifeReady acts as a secure vault, tailored specifically to your liking, so you can easily and securely store, retrieve, and share this information whenever you need to.

Who is LifeReady made for? Should I use it?

We've built LifeReady to be used by everyone.

Regardless of your age, background, or technical expertise, LifeReady is here to assist with you will aspects of your life administration.

Can I trust LifeReady with my data? How do I know it's secure?

We understand that many people will find value in LifeReady from storing their most sensitive and private information within the platform which is why security is always our primary concern.

We've developed a unique client-side encryption model using 256-bit AES encryption standards. This means as soon as any data leaves your computer, it's fully encrypted and unreadable to anyone else. To decrypt this data without the personal key that only you hold would take billions of years with current technology.

We will never compromise your security or privacy for any reason, and with the development and implementation of new features, security is our number one priority.

If you'd like to learn more, you can read about our commitment to security or learn about our proprietary encryption; KeyCrypt.

If my data is encrypted, how does sharing work?

The unique encryption model we've developed specifically for LifeReady is called KeyCrypt.

When youadd someone as your Trusted Party, you'll share a portion of your encryption keys with each other. As you share your information with these Trusted Parties, you'll share the encrypted version of that information. The Trusted Party will then use the portion of your key that they received to decrypt and view the information on their end, maintaining the client-side encryption model. At no point in this process is your information ever decrypted anywhere other than a personal device.

Under no circumstances is LifeReady able to decrypt or view your data.

How does LifeReady help with end-of-life planning?

LifeReady has a featured called My Legacy which allows you determine what should happen to your data in the event that you pass away. You Legacy allows you to give instructions for particular records as well as create a non-legally binding Statement of Wishes so you can help remove the burden from your Loved Ones.

You can assign particular people you trust to be the ones to action your Legacy, and this will allow them to view your Legacy only when the time is right.

Additionally, your entire vault of information will be accessible by your chosen Trusted Parties but you can pick and choose what information shouldn't be shared.

Using LifeReady
Do I need to download anything to use LifeReady?

LifeReady is a web-based application which means it's accessible through your browser without the need to download anything.

Is LifeReady available on mobile devices?

Currently, LifeReady is only available on computers.

How can I see more of the platform?

Currently, LifeReady is only available on computers.

If you'd like to see more of the platform, we offer a free trial to all new users so you can determine if LifeReady is a good fit for your needs. To access the free trial, you just need to create an account at

I want to use the platform but I'm not very tech-savvy, will this be a problem?

We aim to make our platform as accessible for everyone as possible, regardless of your technical expertise. You'll hopefully find that the way you interact with and use LifeReady is very similar to other platforms you may have previous experience with, however, there may be some areas which you don't understand.

If that's the case, not to worry! We've created a Help Centre for all users which will provide details instructions on how to do everything. This will always be kept up to date. If you'd like, you can also Contact Us and we can offer you 1-to-1 assistance or provide you with a demo.