The figures are astounding;
  • $1.15 billion worth of assets are unclaimed and held by the Australian Government.
  • 4.1 billion records have been exposed through Data Breaches in 2019 alone (and growing).
  • 30 million deceased Facebook users still have active profiles.
  • 7 million deceased Spotify users are still paying subscriptions.

Our mission is to try and help minimise these figures, in the most secure and convenient way possible. Not an easy task we know. However, we're up to the challenge.

We're a team of security specialists, scientists, engineers and technology experts that have put our heads together to provide a functional and secure solution for data storage and the handling of sensitive and personal information for organisations and individuals (and just between us, we think we’re onto something pretty special). This is why we have created a platform with purpose-built security that keeps your information safe from the beginning of the journey to the end.

Although technology has made our lives easier, it has also opened us up to cybersecurity risks and loss of our sensitive data. This combined with the growing need to organise our life administration better for us and our loved ones, is what has fueled our passion to create a functional tool that will promote organisation and efficiency in our daily lives.

We hope that LifeReady remains in your family and organisation for generations to come.