Simple and Secure Life Administration

A highly secure platform designed to centralise, store and manage all aspects of your life administration in one easy-to-access home.

LifeReady empowers you and your loved ones to focus on what really matters.

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Be ready for whatever life throws at you

We're living more complex lives than ever before.

The average person has an abundance of critical life information that is never documented, secured or shared with loved ones or trusted advisors. Managing your own information is tough, trying to manage a loved one’s affairs when the unexpected occurs is even harder.

Gone are the days of crucial documents stored in an old shoe-box or filing cabinet. Now you can store, share, and manage your Legal Documents, Financial Assets, Medical Records and Personal Information right from your LifeReady Vault. 

We use our patented security technology to provide the highest level of protection for your data so that you can be LifeReady, no matter what happens.

The LifeReady platform provides you with an elegant set of tools for all aspects of your life

My Vault

Store, organise and encrypt everything important to you
Your Digital Vault is a personal area for you to store any and all of your life documents. It's fully encrypted with our KeyCrypt technology meaning that until you specifically share something, any information in your Vault is only accessible to you.
Information is stored in your Vault in the form of 'Records'. These are digitised versions of your information which can be set up however you like.
Organise your Vault using tags provided by LifeReady, or set it up how you like by creating custom tags.
Pick from hundreds of pre-made record templates, allowing you to quickly and easily set up your Vault, or create a completely custom record instead.
My Vault record tags
My Vault
My Vault record tags

Contact Book

Keep all your important contacts in one place
Your Contact Book is your Vault for people. You can create and store as many contacts as you want and also nominate other LifeReady users to be your Trusted Parties who you can empower to assist you with various LifeReady functions.
A Contact contains details for a person whose information you need to save. This information is manually managed by you.
Trusted Parties are other LifeReady users who you might want to assist you such as your spouse, friends, family, or professional advisors.
Within your Contact Book, Trusted Parties' contact details will automatically be updated by the Trusted Party themselves.
Contact Book
Contact Book
Trusted Party invite

My Legacy

Manage and organise your end-of-life plan
My Legacy assists you in creating an end-of-life plan and determining what should happen to the data within your vault.
Assign Trusted Parties to activate your Legacy. These parties will be entrusted with executing your wishes and administering your Vault.
Your most important legal and medical documents will be directly attached to your Legacy so that your Trusted Parties can immediately access these.
Your Statement of Wishes is a non-legally binding document which can help your executor and loved ones understand the intentions of your Will and your wishes with administering your LifeReady Vault.
Individual records can be assigned to your Legacy allowing you to provide specific instructions for each one.
Legacy Trusted Party select
Legacy Recommended Records
Statement of Wishes
Legacy record instructions
Legacy recommended records

Security Centre

Stay secure
Your online security is our number one priority. The Security Centre has been built to manage your accounts security and monitor the health status to keep you secure, both in and out of LifeReady.
We enforce 2FA on all accounts in order to make sure your LifeReady account is as secure as possible
Access live dark web monitoring. LifeReady will continuously check for data breaches which you can access full reports of. If your information is ever included in a breach, we'll notify you immediately.
Having a personal recovery key means that only you can reset or change your password, not LifeReady.
Through Trusted Party Recovery, you can also set up access to allow your Trusted Parties to help you unlock your account in the event that you forget your password.
Dark Web Monitoring
Trusted Party account recovery
Personal recovery key
2 Factor Authentication
Personal recovery key

Be protected by the highest level of security

We've built a patented, client-side encryption technology called KeyCrypt, promising sole ownership and control over your data on every point of the journey. This means complete privacy and security for all of your information - not just what we choose.

KeyCrypt is a forward looking, state-of-the-art, client-side encryption system that protects your data today and decades into the future.

We take security very seriously.

If you'd like to know more about our commitment to keeping your data safe, you can do so here. Alternatively, read more about KeyCrypt.

Even if someone got access to your information, this is what they'd see.
An encrypted, unreadable, and meaningless blob of data.

Ready to Get Started?

LifeReady empowers you and your loved ones to take back control of your life administration in a centralised, easy-to-use, and highly secure environment.

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